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Who We Are

Is the Internal Revenue Service or State claiming you owe them money? Filing liens? Levying your bank account? Garnishing your wages? Seizing your assets? Auditing your tax return? Breathe. You’re at the right place. Allow our tax professionals to contact the taxing authorities and work with them to immediately stop collection action against you or your business.

After your assets are safe, we will quickly determine whether you qualify for a low monthly payment plan or a settlement that could result in significant savings. Call us now and reclaim your peace of mind…

Business Tax Issues?


Missing Tax Returns?

Lein on Your Assets?

Huge Penalties?

Struggling to pay your bills? You may be able to settle your tax liabilities for pennies on the dollar…

Has the IRS assessed you with overwhelming penalties and interest? You could qualify for significant penalty reduction under the Internal Revenue Service’s reasonable cause criteria. Let us swiftly negotiate to reduce or eliminate your penalties….

…Call us to learn more…

Free Consultation

Our Work Flow


We will gather necessary information from you before negotiating with the taxing authorities. During this step, it is likely we will be able to determine what type of tax relief service you qualify for.



As soon as we hang up the phone, we will negotiate with the authorities to immediately cease all levies against your assets.



Once your assets and accounts are safe from collection, we will begin with tailoring a specific strategy to quickly resolve your tax liabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of clients do you work with?
We work with private individuals, small business owners, and all types of Corporations. The services we offer at Atlas Tax Relief are for everyone.
What is your tax relief turn-around time?
The length of time that it takes to resolve tax situations varies wildly depending on the facts of each situation. After your consultation, we will have an estimate of the amount of time it will take to complete your case.
Do You Offer Free Consultations?
Yes, the initial consultation is always free. If at the end of your consultation we determine that there isn’t anything that can be done further to lower your tax liability, we will refuse to take your money. We will not sell you a dream and will only take your case if our analysis shows that we can assist you.
Do you handle Federal AND State tax situations?
Yes. All tax professionals at Atlas Tax Relief are licensed individuals. They have the ability to file as your Power of Attorney with both the IRS and State taxing authorities.
Can you file tax returns?
Yes. Our tax professionals are able to file both current and past due tax returns. The returns are double and triple checked to ensure that we claim all possible deductions and credits.
Can you form entities such as corporations and non-profits?
Yes. We are licensed to form special tax treatment and limited liability entities in all 50 states.
Do you offer business consulting?
Yes. Associates at Atlas Tax Relief can assist you in the complex task of starting and running a business.

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